Cairos Dungeon

This is the configuration screen of Cairos Dungeon. Here you can:

  • Select the dungeon (Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair, Necropolis, Steel Fortress and Punisher’s Crypt);
  • Select the stage (B1 to B12);
  • Enable or disable Rune Filter (to filter which runes you’d like to collect);
  • Enable or disable Artifact Filter (to filter which artifact you’d like to collect);
  • Set up the number of runs.

Rune Filter

This is configuration screen of Cairos Dungeon Rune Filter. Here you can select the runes to collect:

  • Grade (Rare, Hero and Legend);
  • Stars (5* and 6* only);
  • Slots (1/3/5 and 2/4/6);
  • Number of minimum good subs that every rune must have to be collected;
  • Minimum efficiency to collect the rune.

The option 1 sub means that you will only get a rune if it has at least 1 good sub.

A good sub means any sub that it is not a flat substat. The good subs are ATK%, HP%, DEF%, C. Rate%, C. DMG%, Resistance%, Accuracy% and SP`D.

The Only SPD function will collect a rune if it has the minimum SPD selected in the box above the filter.

The Efficiency rune formula is calculated replacing the flat substats as a 0% sub and the fixed substat is not counted. Be careful! With this formula the rune can get 0% efficiency if it has only flat substats.