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Last updated on September 15, 2021


- Arena Farm
- RTA under development...

Cairos Dungeon
- Giant's Keep
- Dragon's Lair
- Necropolis
- Steel Fortress
- Punisher's Crypt
- Secret Dungeon
- Hall of Magic
- Hall of Light
- Hall of Dark
- Hall of Fire
- Hall of Water
- Hall of Wind

Dimension Hole
- Karzhan Remains
- Karzhan
- Ellunia Remains
- Ellunia
- Lumel Remains
- Lumel
- Khalderun Remains
- Khalderun

Rift of Worlds
- Rift Raid (Regular, Repeat Battle and BJ5)
- Fire Beast
- Ice Beast
- Wind Beast
- Light Beast
- Dark Beast

Rune Management
- Rune Craft
- Rune Manager (Rune Power-up and Sell)

- Scenario

Trial of Ascension
- Trial of Ascension Normal
- Trial of Ascension Hard


- You can run it minimized with BlueStacks 4 or BlueStacks 5 while playing or working!
- You can run unlimited BlueStacks instances with a single Script2us account.
- Very humanized bot with random clicks and delays.
- Go to Arena while farming.
- Check Guild Magic Shop & Magic Shop.
- Collect Mana Stones, Crystals and Energies from your buildings.
- Fully customized filters to collect only the Runes, Artifacts, Grindstones and Enchanted Gems you really need.
- Power-up Artifacts and Runes in Repeat Battle 10x.
- Maximize all your foods by swapping it when they reach MAX LVL with the Scenario function.
- Select the attack order against all bosses including Ath'taros and Lyrith with the Trial of Ascension function.
- Farm Glory Points in the Arena by choosing the opponents that will guarantee your victory with the Arena Farm function.
- Power-up and sell all your runes based on a fully customized Rune Filter with the Rune Manager function. Prepare your FRR easily!